The dual function V-Touch RF system includes fractional skin resurfacing as well as bi-polar skin tightening for superior results.

The V-Touch from Viora is an advanced fractional radiofrequency device for skin resurfacing, rejuvenation and skin tightening. It includes two complementary technologies – fractional RF and bi-polar RF – to offer your patients a wide range of treatments and grow your practice portfolio.

Expand your practice

Radiofrequency technology has a long history of clinical results in effectively treating indications of acne scarring, skin laxity, scar reduction and skin lifting. It is also commonly used for facial resurfacing and rejuvenation as well as epidermal texture and tone improvement.

The V-Touch System is a cost-effective way to expand your treatment portfolio. It is a relatively new player in the fractional device arena and uses the latest technologies in RF delivery to ensure enhanced and immediate results, with minimal patient downtime.

The device uses CORE (Channeling Optimised RF Energy)-powered multi-frequency channels for skin rejuvenation. These are incorporated alongside a bi-polar RF option for skin tightening and lifting.

The CORE technology

incorporates four different treatment modes. There are three individual frequency modes and a fourth Multi-Channel Mode, which simultaneously incorporates all three in a single pulse.

The variety of wavelengths means the V-Touch can be used to treat different skin types and sensitive treatment areas; higher frequencies are used on thinner skin, while lower frequencies, or the Multi-Channel Mode, is used on thicker skin.

Smarter technology V-Touch uses three integral fractional mechanisms – Switching, Vacuum and Cooling (SVC) – to enable the provision of effective results with minimal discomfort for the patient.


Switching makes fractional RF more efficient by generating “smart heat” prior to RF pulsing. Tissue conductivity of RF energy directly correlates to tissue temperature, with higher temperatures lowering tissue impedance.

The volumetric preheating of the treatment area before RF delivery enhances its receptiveness to the treatment, and reduces the fractional energy required to achieve the targeted clinical outcome.


The vacuum mechanism helps reduce the risk of epidermal burns during treatment. It ensures proper skin and tip coupling, which helps keep injury points equal and symmetrical. By optimising coupling, the vacuum makes it easier to achieve effective and consistent results.

The sensation of the vacuum on the skin during treatment also reduces the level of discomfort. By distracting the sensory nerves
of the skin, the vacuum makes the treatment more tolerable.


Also aiding in patient comfort during treatment, the thermoelectrically cooled bracket on the electrode array prevents superficial burns. This significantly reduces pain and downtime, and secures a more pleasant treatment experience for patients. AMP

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V-Touch benefits

• Dual-function RF system for fractional skin resurfacing and renewal, as well as bi-polar RF skin tightening
• Advanced fractional treatments enhanced by innovative SVC technology, for a more effective and comfortable treatment
• Suitable for use across a range of indications
• Enhanced ROI due to wide treatment applicability
• Touch screen controls with pre-set programs and advanced operation options
• Suitable for all skin types and for all seasons

V-Touch applications

• Facial resurfacing and rejuvenation
• Epidermal texture and tone improvement
• Acne scar correction
• Skin tightening
• Scar reduction
• Skin lifting

V-Touch Technical specifications

Fractional hand piece specifications Viora Reaction
RF Energy Up to 10J
Output frequency 1MHx
Vacuum Pulsed
Cooling Tip cooling
Treatment area 21.8mm x 7.3mm
Skin tightening hand piece specifications
RF energy Up to 130 J/cm3
Treatment area 8mm x 8mm
 Output frequency
 RF mode 1  800KHz
RF mode 2  1.7MHz
RF mode 3  2.45MHz
RF mode 4  800KHz, 1.7MHz, 2.45MHz
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