Offer your patients the world’s fastest, most effective treatments with the Clinical Magma platform – the next generation in light based treatments.

The Clinical MAGMA platform offers a unique combination of diode laser, Nd:YAG and IPL applications, offering the next generation in fast, effective light- based treatments.

Enjoy the Magma advantage with three powerful technologies in one system – IPL (HR/AC/SR), 808nm Diode laser and 1064nm Nd:YAG wavelength laser. The comprehensive array of treatments allows aesthetic practitioners to deliver more advanced, tailored treatments. It is also extremely cost-effective – one multi-functional platform can equate to two to three separate machines.

The Clinical Magma uses advanced software for easy selection of treatment parameters, treatment flow and mode selection. In addition, the device is equipped with a unique Melanin Meter to provide a precise live reading of melanin concentrations in the skin. Based on the reading, the ideal treatment program is recommended, increasing efficiency, results and reducing risks across all skin types.

The advanced dual cooling system ensures the platform has zero downtime as it does not require a cool-down period, and the tips are cooled to 4 degrees Celsius to significantly reduce patient discomfort. The Clinical Magma can be used at room temperatures of up to 27.5 degrees Celsius, allowing for a more comfortable overall patient and practitioner experience.

Clinical Magma is distributed in Australia by ClinicalPRO, which has helped grow aesthetic practices and increase patient loyalty and satisfaction for more than 30 years.

808nm diode laser

The Clinical Magma offers five different modes of laser diode operation, enabling easy customisation of treatment according to each patient’s skin and hair type, even skin types V and VI.

The Diode laser is one of the fastest hair removal systems in the world, allowing a coverage area of up to 18cm2 per second and offering fast, effective and painless treatments with maximum coverage. Modes include:

• Slow mode: allowing high energy admission at speeds of up to 3Hz
• Medium mode at 75J/cm2
• Fast mode: painless and effective treatment using 10J/cm2 at a speed of up to 10Hz
• 100ms mode: targeted specifically for skin types V and VI
• 400ms mode: targeted specifically for skin type VI

1064nm Nd: YAG laser

The Nd:YAG laser mode is powered by a Diode laser, and guarantees a lifespan of up to six times the average Nd:YAG applicator.

It offers ease of treatments, providing three replaceable diameter tips: 3mm for fine vessels, 6mm for medium veins, and 8mm for deep veins/larger areas.

The Nd:YAG mode also utilises the Clinical Magma’s advanced cooling, system as well as a diode pointer for precision and reduced patient discomfort.

IPL applicators

Featuring one of the highest pulse density modulations on the market, the Clinical Magma IPL function offers up to 22J/cm2 in fewer than 5ms, offering a safer, more effective treatment with faster results and a significant reduction in patient discomfort. This sets a new standard for treatment of acne, photoageing and hair removal.

With its flexible configuration, the Clinical Magma allows practitioners to combine the IPL and laser technologies in the one system, creating highly customisable treatments for each individual patient and their unique concerns.





















Why your practice needs Clinical Magma

• Fast treatments at 18cm2 per second with no wait time
• Skin pigment analysis with the unique Melanin Meter diagnostic device
• All skin types treatable with safe settings
• Five different modes for customised treatment for all skin types
• Advanced cooling system for zero wait time, 4 degree Celsius contact cooling, and ability to work at ambient room temperatures
• Wide range of advance treatments including hair removal, active acne, vascular lesions, stretch marks, photo rejuvenation pigmented lesions removal, pigmentation and nail fungus

For all enquiries about the new Clinical Magma, call Metro-Dora Clifford, CEO & Training Director of ClinicalPRO on 0411 862 362 or 1800 628 999.

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