Aesthetic Medical Practitioner News roundup, 9 October 2020

Welcome to the our Aesthetic Medicine news roundup, 9 October 2020.


Lutronic continues strong support for customers during pandemic
Lutronic, the global leader in the development and manufacture of innovative laser technology for aesthetic and ophthalmic medicine, powerfully affirms its commitment to its aesthetic customers with a comprehensive program combining customer and employee safety with exceptional client support.

Cosmetic surgery apps are one of the hottest trends in China
Plastic surgery is so in style in China that apps supporting the business are taking off. Out of your telephone, the apps will scan your face, inform you what work it is advisable to have completed in order to enhance your visage, counsel medical doctors and even e-book and pay for appointments and surgical procedures.

Skin Whitening Products Get a Rebrand, But It Doesn’t Erase Centuries of Colorism
The Black Lives Matter movement set off a worldwide conversation about racism and colorism, and many beauty brands that have long marketed “whitening” products are quickly changing course. But can a rebrand do anything to impact centuries of socialization that made skin lightening a billion-dollar business?

AbbVie chills with new celebrity spokesperson to promote dual aesthetic treatments
Allergan Aesthetics has tapped actress and producer Malin Akerman for a double-dip body contouring campaign for its fat-freezing CoolSculpting and body-toning CoolTone brands.

FDA Issues Strongest Black Box Warning For Breast Implants
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration last week issued its strongest warning for all breast implant products. The FDA’s labeling guidance comes 18 months after an advisory panel heard from dozens of women who say their breast implants made them sick.