Cryomed burst onto the Australian aesthetic device scene with a unique point of difference – offering quality medical equipment at a lower cost.

Medical technology in Australia is something we all take seriously, and this applies equally in the area of aesthetics. It’s all about the right team, the right equipment and the reputation of the company.

This brings us to Cryomed, an industry leader and distributor of Ilooda, Classys, WonTech, Restoration Robotics and MediSpec. Its suite of innovative energy devices includes Q-Switched, vascular and resurfacing lasers, IPL, Ultrasound, RF needling, Cryolipolisis and Robotics.

Put simply, Cryomed has all the equipment and resources you need to deliver excellent, predictable and reproduceable clinical results, and to build a successful and profitable business with satisfied patients.

With an established reputation for bringing transformational products to market, Cryomed delivers creative solutions for the aesthetic medical market. It’s a company dedicated to delivering products that “look, feel and work” effectively.

Every device is selected by the team with the goal of boosting your business by achieving reliable aesthetic results, every time.

“The secret to successful energy devices in your practice is excellent clinical results, state-of-the-art equipment, ongoing training, round-the-clock support and a high ROI,” says Josh Locker, Managing Director of Cryomed.

Josh is joined by one of the industry’s strongest clinical sales team of leading BDMs and training nurses, including laser and IPL expert Mark Hassall, industry veteran Jamie Powell (joining the team mid-April), clinical nurses and laser experts Melissa Don, Amanda Taylor and John Filler.

Quality, reliable devices for the face and body

• Body contouring – Clatuu 360° Freeze
• Skin rejuvenation – Etherea IPL- Sq, Pastelle QS Nd:YAG, Secret RF Fractional, Fraxis Duo RF CO2
• Skin tightening – Ultraformer III Micro and Macro-focused Ultrasound
• Pigmented and vascular lesions – Pastelle & Cosjet ATR-S QS Nd:YAG, IRIS Vascular, Mercury LP Nd:YAG
• Hair reduction – Vikini 808nm Diode, Etherea IPL-Sq
• Tattoo removal – Pastelle & Cosjet ATR-S QS Nd:YAG

Promise to you

Cryomed’s mission is to provide innovative, affordable and quality products supported in all facets of your business – clinically, marketing and technically.

Extensive device range

Cryomed takes pride in a full range of equipment and technology that can support anyone – from the start-up to the most seasoned aesthetic practitioner looking for the next big thing.


Building on our valuable medical experience, we aim to deliver products that change the landscape of the aesthetic industry and allow your clinic to operate with world-class safety and reliability.

Expert training

Our diverse trainers – from seasoned industry experts to nurses – bring you a wealth of information gained from years of hands-on experience in patient assessments and after-care management, ensuring your clients receive the professionalism they demand.

Marketing support

Working with marketing experts, Cryomed provides you with information-rich and attention-grabbing marketing material. Online and in-house social media managers are at your service.

Qualified service engineers

Our engineers, trained on-site with our partners and suppliers in Korea, USA and Israel are the foundation of our confidence and stability in the ANZ markets. Your practice will benefit not only from our clinical knowledge but also from our quick response to any technical issues that may arise during the course of your device’s life.

Flexible payment options

Cryomed strives to ensure that businesses of any size can afford to have premier, medical-grade systems in their clinic, suitable to their budget. To find out which payment option is best suited for you, speak to one of our commercial solutions professionals and get the best deal for you today.

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