SkinCeuticals, the #1 physician-dispensed skincare brand worldwide, has cemented its position as an Integrated Skincare thought-leader with the highly acclaimed SkinCeuticals Master Physician Virtual Series (MPVS).

The Master Physician Virtual Series 2020, a collection of five practical and thought-provoking webinars, has been strategically developed for clinics across Australia to drive patient connection, clinic revenue and business efficiencies during this globally challenging period and beyond.

MPVS showcases the medical and business-building expertise of both international and local luminaries, equipping clinics with the knowledge and know-how to overcome challenges and create business success.

Highlights from the world-class MPVS agenda thus far include dermatologist Dr Elizabeth Dawes-Higgs presenting on “Clinical cutaneous signs due to COVID-19 in patients”, dermatologist Dr Cara McDonald on “Cosmeceuticals and your business” and finance expert Dr Steven Enticott on “Embracing Financial Change”.

Dr Cara McDonald, Dermatologist, Complete Skin Specialists, Victoria

In conversation with… Dr Cara McDonald

As a dermatologist, skincare and cosmeceuticals are one of my greatest passions. I believe that scientifically proven medical-grade skincare is an essential part of the treatment for many of my patients. SkinCeuticals Master Physician Series was launched this year to help practitioners such as myself continue our education during COVID restrictions, with particular focus to helping us maintain and grow our businesses during such difficult times. I have enjoyed learning from all the speakers throughout the series and had the honour of being invited to present myself on the topic of change management.

The MPVS provides further evidence that SkinCeuticals is not only a leader in skincare, but that they are a leader in the progression of the medical aesthetics industry. SkinCeuticals understands that education is the key for both patients and practitioners. Most importantly, they want to support their brand partners through difficult times. Given their emphasis on science and research, they continue to lead the way in the skincare field.

My presentation focused on managing change in our patients and their skin. We all know that people can buy skincare online but our job as practitioners is to not only accurately assess the skin but also help educate our patients and connect with them to achieve the best possible results. My passion is centred on building connection and rapport with patients which ultimately improves their skin outcomes.

“The MPVS provides further evidence that SkinCeuticals is not only a leader in skincare, but that they are a leader in the progression of the medical aesthetics industry.” – Dr Cara McDonald.

We have all experienced challenges this year for various reasons. Most practitioners in the field of skincare have had periods of being unable to work, care for their patients and do what they love doing this year. Not only is this financially difficult but it affects our sense of self. Ongoing education throughout this period has given many people a sense of purpose and also allow them to further their education in areas they may not have otherwise had the time or opportunity. This has certainly helped boost morale and been a “COVID silver lining” for many of us.

The amazing thing about the MPVS series is that each attending practitioner has been able to take away different information and tips depending on their role and challenges during this time. I think most importantly practitioners have gained a sense of achievement throughout what has otherwise been a very difficult period.

Dr Elizabeth Dawes-Higgs, Dermatologist, Northern Sydney Dermatology & Laser, NSW

In conversation… with Dr Elizabeth Dawes-Higgs

SkinCeuticals is a recognised leader in the medical aesthetics skincare field, and the MPVS puts together a very comprehensive range of topics in a meaningful way to assist practitioners across the globe. They have had a vast array of informative and talented leaders in their own area of expertise to share with the Skinceuticals MPVS platform. 

I presented on “Clinical cutaneous signs due to COVID-19 in patients” back in June, at a time when information about the skin signs in this disease was rapidly changing, so the MPVS was in some ways ahead of its time. It was an important topic to discuss, enabling us as a skin expert group to remain up to date on the latest information about these skin manifestations. I discussed the types of eruptions that can occur, how commonly they are seen and whether there was some way of being able to predict a diagnosis of COVID-19 when seeing these skin signs.

This series is very important in this current environment as we can all become isolated, disenfranchised and lose our way. These educational seminars cover both clinical and personal development topics, appealing to a wide range of audiences.

Dr Steven Enticott, Finance Professional, Speaker, Author

In conversation with… Dr Steven Enticott

The MPVS clearly cements SkinCeuticals position as a progressive thought leader. Many industries have stopped or significantly reduced their quality of practitioner support throughout the COVID-19 disruptions but not SkinCeuticals who, from my observation, have really stepped up, offering a whole series of virtual expertise (amongst other things) to grow and encourage their practices through challenging times and beyond. 

For all of us, with little or no warning COVID-19 arrived and is clearly changing many things about our lives. This is a generational change (or a once in a lifetime opportunity) and in some way shape or form we are all being forced to adapt to the new normal. Being in front of the new opportunity curve is vitally important and the MPVS series aims to keep you ahead.

I was privileged to co-present a change management educational evening on the 6th of August along with the expertise of Julia Steel, Sean Kenny and Dr Cara McDonald. Yes, there is hardship, but there is also bright hope for the post COVID era of opportunity. One of the key messages was that we are in control of very little, which COVID-19 has reminded us all. 

“The Secret of Change Is to Focus All of Your Energy, Not on Fighting the Old, But on Building the New.” – Socrates

Often people will fight having their minds changed, and so to embrace the new, you have to change your mindset. COVID-19 is an enormous opportunity to reflect, redirect and renew our futures. It’s also an opportunity to understand our direction and purpose; to march down the path that keeps you embracing the new, letting go of the past ways of doing business (and life) and lead into the future. I have found the best way to cope is to lead – so be a purposed leader.


Register for the upcoming SkinCeuticals MPVS webinar

The next MPVS webinar, “The Future of Business”, will be on Thursday, 3 September, 7pm – 8:15pm.

International guest speaker US dermatologist Dr Mitchel Goldman will discuss the practicalities and insights into marketing a successful practice. Joining him are: neuroscience thought leader Silvia Damiano on “Personal Leadership”; social media AI expert Jaime Nosworthy on “Running a Successful Campaign on Social”; and dermatology business manager Christina Arciuli on “Practice management in and out of COVID”.

If you are a Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon or Cosmetic Doctor and wish to join the online presentation, please confirm your attendance below:


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