Welcome to the our Aesthetic Medicine news roundup, 29 January 2021.


Facial Fillers and the COVID-19 Vaccine
In December 2020, the Moderna coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccine was authorized for emergency use in the United States by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Although the vaccine is supported as highly protective against the virus, shortly after its deployment, reports emerged of a few unexpected side effects in people who had a history of facial fillers.

UAE halts cosmetic services at health facilities
Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Health and Prevention has announced the temporary suspension of cosmetic services at health facilities across the country.

An Uplifting Experience: Can Botulinum Toxin Address Depressive Symptoms?
Although botulinum toxin does not have regulatory approval for the treatment of depression in the United States, some reports indicate neurotoxin treatment may mitigate symptoms.

Blue Light From Digital Devices May Contribute to Skin Aging
Although ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is a primary contributor to skin aging as well as the exacerbation of some skin conditions, increasing concerns have recently been placed on the potential skin-related effects of high energy visible (HEV) blue light from personal electronic devices.

Crescita Announces Filing of New Medical Device License
Laboratoires FILLMED files for Health Canada Approval of ART-FILLER® Injectables in Canada

Why Are More People Getting Plastic Surgery?
Plastic surgery has been really popular since its launch. Years are passing, and more and more people are thinking about going under the knife.

Doctor charged over stabbing of fellow plastic surgeon in Nottinghamshire
Jonathan Peter Brooks accused of attempted murder after break-in at home of Graeme Perks.

Former cosmetic surgeon sued by patient for puncturing her lungs during procedure
A Tulare County woman has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a cosmetic surgeon for puncturing her lungs during a breast augmentation surgery.


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