The Gaswerx

Q&A with Andrew Nutman, Managing Director of The Gaswerx

Q What led you to a career in Marketing and Medical Advertising in particular?

I come from a long line of marketers and it was almost a given that I would carry on the tradition. I’ve been in marketing for 17 years with over 10 in the medical field. I’ve been responsible for launching some 50 medical devices from various European countries and the US into the Australian market, with outstanding success across the board. From this, The Gaswerx, a specialist medical branding and marketing agency, was born.

Q How do you feel your experience in the medical industry can benefit specialist doctors?

Medical marketing requires a high degree of specificity to achieve successful results. You need to understand how the industry works and have a streamlined, tailored approach to each doctor’s practice and specialist procedures. An understanding of the competitiveness in this market is essential and we also have to be mindful of the deep respect that exists amongst these highly specialised individuals. A complete approach to the market is key with a B2B and a B2C consideration in every marketing strategy.

Behind me there’s a highly experienced team who have the knowledge and individual skill sets in their particular area of medical marketing and they understand the medical profession and the legislation that pertains to medical advertising.

Q What makes The Gaswerx different from other brand agencies?

We are a boutique medical brand agency in that we only work with specialist medical practitioners and companies.

We take time to understand each of our client’s unique objectives and business goals and we tailor these into effective, revenue generating brand strategies and marketing initiatives that consumers will understand and connect with. When everything else is taken away, it’s our services that really demonstrate who we are and what we do.

Q How has branding and marketing of doctors changed in the past 10 years?

Marketing and advertising in the medical profession have undergone a huge transformation since the late 1990s. Up until then medical practitioners could do little more than advertise their opening hours and addresses. Today, medical practitioners, within the legislated guidelines, can use a variety of media to market and advertise their services to attract patients and referrals. Therefore this has become a highly competitive space and it is, critical today for doctors, medical specialists, hospitals and private practices to develop and build their brand and online persona, if they want to maintain ongoing success. Effective brand strategies and overall reputation management is the key to this continued success.

Q What do you believe is the most challenging aspect of branding doctors?

The most common question we get asked by medical professionals is, “What should I be doing to attract more patients to my practice and to keep them coming back?” The answer to this seemingly simple question is complex and comes down to a multi-faceted approach to brand development, implementation and ongoing management. All the elements need to work synergistically to create a stronger, more direct market presence that targets potential patients and encourages them to make contact again and again.

Q What do you think makes The Gaswerx the best brand agency for specialist doctors?

Many competing agencies try to sell their clients on compulsory packages or so-called ‘cookie cutter’ deals. They often say that these options aren’t negotiable, leading many businesses to become trapped into contracts, services or options they never wanted in the first place.

As a boutique specialist medical marketing business, every client we manage is different and we customise our services to suit each of our clients’ objectives.


Q What is your vision for The Gaswerx?

Our ultimate goal is to work with our customers for the long-term.

Everything we implement has a genuine return on investment through the tracking mechanisms we utilise and generally show favourable results within 3 to 6 months of implementation.

Each one of our clients presents a unique marketing challenge and my vision for The Gaswerx into the future is for us to be the ‘go-to’ agency for all medical professionals and medical companies in Australia.

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