Your branding should be reflected in every form of communication in your practice – your name, design, slogan, environment and philosophy. The Gaswerx can help you achieve exactly that.

Branding is a cornerstone in building a successful practice. It signifies the foundation of all marketing communications and, when used properly, is integral to building recognition, reputation and supporting business growth.

But branding doesn’t stop there. It can certainly boost customer loyalty – but only when the customer’s experience lives up to the branding. The Gaswerx is a boutique branding and marketing agency, founded in 2011, for doctors and specialist physicians. Its works with business owners to optimise branding strategy and ensure you delivers on those promises at every point of customer contact.

Most physicians and doctors are reticent to promote themselves, their individuality and their strengths, but in order to grow their practice and their reputation, particularly with the advent of the internet and social media, it is crucial for them to communicate their points of differentiation consistently and clearly to the general public and potential patients.

The Gaswerx helps implement a comprehensive overhaul of the existing branding and marketing. Working alongside practice management, the team at The Gaswerx becomes part of the doctor’s business – ensuring each aspect of the practice encompasses and adds to the clinic’s branding in every sense. The aim is to create a competitive edge by building
an undeniable and unforgettable business identity.

Each physician and doctor client becomes a BRAND in every sense of the word. This gives each individual practitioner and clinic a competitive advantage in a very busy and crowded medical environment. AMP

The basis to your brand

The Gaswerx team spoke to dozens of would-be patients prior to embarking on this business enterprise.

In most cases, patients felt that all healthcare providers were pretty much the same. However, when the team spoke to doctors about their businesses and whether they believed they offered something different to their patients and would-be patients, every doctor – without exception – was able to find a unique aspect to their business. This unique quality needs to become the basis to your brand.

What The Gaswerx can offer you and your practice:

• Local, specialised experts in cosmetic surgery marketing

• Measurable results – setting and fulfilling KPIs for results you can see

• Individualised full-spectrum marketing, a 360 degree range of innovative, creative and strategic services.


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