A high-impact animated video can do wonders for your practice on many levels.

While a presence on the high street and a world- class reputation goes a long way to retaining and recruiting new patients to your clinic, you cannot avoid the domination of the internet when it comes to promoting a business. A website and presence on Google will go a long way in maintaining and growing a healthy business.

The Internet is also perfect for the cosmetic and appearance medicine industry because video allows you to show what a treatment looks like, to show off your beautiful clinic and allow you to speak authentically to your potential patients.

But what if you’re not confident in front of a camera (many of us aren’t!), or what if you don’t have the time or budget to spend on lengthy filming days in your clinic? That’s where animation can help.

Animated videos are a fun and artistic way to showcase your business and they visually engage your target audience to create interest in your brand.


These days people want easy to understand information delivered to them in the fastest way possible. They are watching videos – a lot of videos – but it’s often on a mobile or tablet and on the move. For this reason, animated videos are becoming increasingly popular in marketing campaigns worldwide to attract customers.

Videos are great for keeping the attention of potential customers and teaching them more about your business. With the right script and quality video graphics you’ll be sure to hold their attention for the entirety of the video and give your brand enough time to really sink in.

The beauty of animation is that it’s easy to create multiple versions to fit different demographics and audiences without breaking
the bank.

You can easily tweak animated video so that one version appeals to a male audience and another to female – think of a treatment such as laser hair removal for example. It is far simpler to create two animated versions for your audiences than to spend time filming different versions with different patients.


Animated clips are also the perfect format for social media. If you have a Twitter and Facebook account then these animations are far more likely to be shared and re-tweeted than text.

Improvements have been made in the past year to grow the use of videos on Facebook and it looks like they paid off, giving the social network an average of over a billion views each day. As far back as 2012, Facebook overtook Yahoo! as the internet’s most popular site for viewing video. And let’s not forget YouTube – it processes more than three billion searches a month and 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. It’s bigger than Bing, Yahoo!, Ask and AOL combined! The higher the quality of your video, the higher the ranking you achieve, because these tend to retain visitors for longer and generate more links. These are just some of many elements of your website that are analysed and used by search engines. The bottom line is that a high-impact animated video can do wonders for your practice on many levels.


Write a script and create a video around it. This will create smoother flow from start to finish. Include a call to action in your video to inform viewers of the next step after watching. These can be placed strategically throughout, at the end or permanently on screen.

Use directional cues to guide your viewers to your landing page or promoted webpage of choice. Do this either visually or verbally. Auto- play is becoming more and more popular – the animation is cued to play automatically and grab the viewer instantly.


You might think that creating animated video requires specialist skills and expensive equipment but you would be wrong. There are nowcustomisable templates available, and a good media agency will be able to guide you or even create it for you. Animation can be used to depict anything, from a bacterial cell to a virtual world. Whatever the size, manner or context of the topic you want to explain and sell, animation can use various creative techniques to do so clearly. AMP

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