Whether you’re looking for funding to start or grow your business, refinancing existing loans to save money or want to indulge in an expensive hobby, ProLENDING offers flexible, tax-effective solutions to feed your inner passions.

When you run your own business you need options, and that’s what ProLENDING gives you.

ProLENDING creates flexible, fast and potentially tax-effective finance solutions that suit your needs – whether you’re into weird and wonderful collectables or looking after your business.

Often banks don’t like to finance items and loan structures that are ‘outside the square’, and even when they can help it usually takes forever and only after you provide reams of information and pledge everything you own as security! But there are alternatives when the bank says “No” or you are not happy with what they have to offer.

“ProLENDING can provide you with options a traditional bank simply can’t consider due to their cumbersome processes and red tape,” says Director of ProLENDING, Ross Andrews. “What’s more, the options ProLENDING can offer often have tax benefits.”

With ProLENDING there is more emphasis on the quality of the borrower, rather than the purpose of the loan. “We respect the letters after a doctor’s name and understand the sacrifices they have made to become medical professionals. If they can afford to repay the loan, we’ll help them pursue their passions,” says Andrews. “You name it and chances are we have financed it.”

ProLENDING can offer finance options for just about anything – from  commercial interests to personal passions, whims and hobbies. Some examples of what ProLENDING can finance include:

  • goodwill
  • equipment
  • fit-outs
  • motor vehicles
  • property
  • the weird and the wonderful, including hobby farms, collectables and artwork.

The experienced ProLENDING team, led by Ross and Mark Andrews, take your business and personal needs seriously. “We take the frustration out of finance. We understand the challenges medical professionals face and offer expertise, experience and flexibility, alongside ease and simplicity,” says Mark Andrews. “Business needs are never black and white, so we offer customised finance and potentially tax-effective solutions. We’re passionate about financing our clients’ passions, whatever they may be.”

From surfing, rock climbing and snowboarding, to competing in Ironman triathlons around the world, not to mention having a successful practice and young family, Dr Gavin Sandercoe certainly has his plate full! Somehow he also finds time to indulge in his passion for antique cars and motorcycles. Here he reveals how ProLENDING has helped him simplify his finances and cut costs, to make time for the things he’s passionate about.


I met Ross from ProLENDING at a conference a few years ago. My wife, Nicole (a chartered accountant who specialises in medical and dental practices), was in the market to re-finance my business loans at the time, so we got talking.

Ross has done a great job with simplifying our loan structures and minimising unnecessary costs. It was a substantial saving compared to the loan structure we had in place previously. Nicole (Sandercoe Accounting) then used ProLENDING’s services to finance her business acquisition, office purchase and fit-out.

ProLENDING has also helped us finance a few business investments along the way. With our own finance arrangements going so well, Sandercoe Accounting often refers clients to ProLENDING to discuss their options.

On his antique Holden

Many people have at least one item that is purely about love or sentimental value. For me, it’s the Kingswood. This car was the first car my parents bought brand new, and I have memories of going to the local Holden dealer to pick up the car when I was about 5 years old. It has a front bench seat so my parents could fit the three kids and my grandmother in the car for day trips.

As I grew up, many of my friends had great cars (one had an EH Holden, another had a Charger), and I was lucky enough to inherit my Mum’s daily driver V8 Holden. When I was first driving, it was the car that we used to overload with climbing gear, and hurtle down dirt roads to canyons, losing mufflers in creek crossings. Nowadays, it would be lucky to get wet, let alone covered in mud!

On his Ironman triathlons 

I have raced five full distance Ironman races, including Ironman Busselton three times, and Ironman China in 2009 (this ended up being a very hard race for the distance, and to date still has the highest percentage of starters that did not finish the race). My most recent was Ironman Melbourne in 2014, where I managed a personal best time for the distance, but it was still about nine minutes short of my goal time. My next event is the Ironman 70.3 (Half Ironman) World Championships in Mooloolaba in September. I qualified for this race in the Philippines  in 2015 when I placed 5th in my age group, on a very hot and humid day.

Many long distance triathlon racers would one day like to race the World Ironman Championships in Kona. I have a few triathlon friends who have been able to qualify for Kona, but at this stage I cannot envision being able to find the time to do what is necessary to qualify. Although I don’t have any full Ironman races planned in the immediate future, chasing my goal time might eventually tempt me back to the right race. In an ideal week, I would train 14-15 hours, but in a more normal week it is more like 10-12 hours.

As is the case for most surgeons, to say my lifestyle is “full” would be an understatement. However, every day that finishes early is an opportunity to sneak in an extra run. And I’m certainly glad that having access to experts like ProLENDING means I don’t have to waste this precious free time on dealing with finance issues.


On surfing, snowboarding & rock climbing

Surfing and rock climbing are the sports I wish I had more time for. I grew up in a family where the summer holidays were all about going to the beach and catching a few waves. I then went into Scouts and onto Venturers and Rovers, where I spent most of my weekends canyoning, caving or rock climbing.

During university, I was also a keen snowboarder. I spent my elective term in Calgary and wrote a paper comparing the biomechanics of skiing injuries to those of  snowboarding – but everyone knew that it was only a ruse to be in the Canadian Rockies for snowboarding on the weekends. My university summer holidays were often spent mountaineering in the New Zealand alps, and during a few of the winters we braved the very loose and dicey ice climbing around Blue Lake in the Snowy Mountains.

Triathlons now occupy most of my free/exercise time – climbing and surfing require more travel and are a bit harder with young children. As my children  get older, I’m trying to involve them in my sports. We now spend our Christmas holidays at the beach, and I surf at dawn, then come back and have breakfast with the family and take the kids surfing for the morning. My son is showing an interest in  climbing, and I am waiting eagerly for him to be old enough to safely graduate from the climbing gym and onto real rock.

Start pursuing your passions. Call Ross Andrews on 0488 767 722 or Mark Andrews on 0448 030 424 or visit www.prolending.com.au

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