From new business ventures to hobby farms and collectables, the flexible tax-effective finance solutions offered by ProLENDING can make your dreams become a reality.

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are today, so once you are earning enough money to indulge in the good life, your inner passions shouldn’t be put on the backburner.

Whether you aspire to collect vintage typewriters à la Tom Hanks, vintage dolls like Demi Moore or start the greatest car collection on earth like Jay Leno, everybody needs a hobby, no matter how unique it may be!

However, often banks don’t like to take a risk on financing items that are ‘outside the square’, leaving you with no other option but to pay cash.

Thankfully, there’s ProLENDING. Taking the frustration out of finance, ProLENDING creates flexible, fast and potentially tax effective finance options that suit your needs.

Ross Andrews, a director at ProLENDING, explains that there are always alternatives to paying cash when the bank says “No”, and these options may have tax benefits.

ProLENDING places more emphasis on the quality of the borrower, rather than the purpose of the loan. This is in stark contrast to most other lenders. “We respect the letters after their name and understand the sacrifices they have made to become medical professionals. If they can afford to repay the loan, we’ll help them pursue their passions, whatever they may be,” says Andrews.

While most of ProLENDING’s finance is for commercial purposes, who says that those sculptures you have your heart set on can’t be a legitimate tax deduction? Obviously, you would also need to get financial advice from your accountant or financial adviser, but it is definitely worth exploring every option and opportunity.

ProLENDING finances almost anything – from the things that everyone needs like motor vehicles, goodwill, equipment, fitouts and property, to the things you’re passionate about such as artwork and collectables.

Ross and Mark Andrews and their team will assist you with sourcing holistic finance solutions to suit your individual cash flow and business needs.

Dr Scott Ingram
Plastic surgeon, farmer and condiment-creator

From raising Malcolm TurnBull (the miniature cow version) to producing his very own famousScott-with-Malcolm-TurnBull
TAP Sauce, Dr Scott Ingram, a plastic surgeon from South Brisbane, enjoys indulging in the weird and wonderful. Here he reveals how ProLENDING has helped him follow his passions.


I have known Ross since I started my practice back in 2003 when he worked elsewhere, and he has looked after me through everything I have done. I followed him through his journey to ProLENDING as well, so I like to think I am a foundation client.

What is great about Ross and the ProLENDING team is their out- of-the-box thinking. You name it and we have financed it (the weird and the wonderful!). Ross will look at options a traditional bank just can’t do with their restrictions and red tape. When you run your own business, you need options and that’s what ProLENDING are best at.

On his miniature cow farm

I have a really hectic lifestyle, with most of it revolving around my practice and my patients. The working week is huge, so I don’t get a lot of downtime. But my weekends and holidays are my time with family and friends. I love spending time on the farm – it really lets me relax and unwind.

Photo 30-08-2014 10 48 12 am (1)I’m breeding two types of cows on the farm, Dexters (which are a breed that have been around for many years) and Low Line Black Angus. The Low Line Black Angus is a newer breed to the cow family.

Galahad is our bull and he’s my favourite! The previous owners wanted to sell him because he was too rough, when really he is just like a big teddy bear. Then there is H47, the naughty one. He continues to escape through the fence – but will never do it when we are watching. When it’s feed time he will always be on the wrong side of the fence looking in, and even when I try to call him back in (to see how he does it), he will just stand there and look at you. Then the next time you see him he is back in!

There are 14 cows in total and their names are based on an alphabetical naming system; the smallest cow is named Malcolm TurnBull. (We don’t name the poor steers because we eat them!).

On his TAP Sauce

The story of my TAP (Tomato, Apple and Pumpkin) Sauce started years ago when I worked inIMG_0877 Canberra. Every Christmas I used to take a tray of mangoes around to everyone to say thank you for their support, but I wanted something with my name on it so they looked at it and knew it was from me.

I started thinking about creating a sauce as I love to cook, and thought it would be a great option to bottle it, pop my name on it, and give them out. There was a lovely nurse at the time who was kind enough to bring in some old recipes for me to try, and although they were great I wanted to make it my own. So I looked at changing a few of the ingredients, and it just worked! I am now proud to hand out my own sauce that families can share together. It tastes pretty amazing too!

Start pursuing your passion. Call Ross Andrews on 0488 767 722 or Mark Andrews on 0448 030 424 or visit

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