Cosmeceuticals have become an integral element of the aesthetic clinic business, but why should you stock them?

1. Marrying products with clinical treatments

A good skincare regimen incorporating active cosmeceuticals creates the foundation of good skin for your patients. Your laser, IPL, injectables, peels and even surgical procedures can all be coupled with cosmeceutical essentials. Clinical and surgical results will be improved and post treatment risks (such as PIH) may even be minimised when combined with clinical skincare.

Consider “bundling” cosmeceuticals into the treatment or surgery cost. This has proven to be highly successful as the patient, after experiencing positive results, repurchases individual full sized product as the kit products are used.

2. Gain life-long patients

Introducing your patients to an active skincare routine that actually works is the simplest way to gain their trust. Your primary objective is to gain patients who are happy with their results. An efficacious skincare range is one of the most economical ways to create positive change in the skin. Your procedures will create a change, but efficacious products will enhance and maintain your clinical results. Great results mean happy clients, and happy clients will return.

3. Word of mouth referral

Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful tools for attracting new patients. You are more likely to have a word of mouth referral through the results of great skincare than via a surgical or injectable procedure; patients are less likely to be open about having a facelift, but they are far more likely to discuss the great results of a product on their skin tone and wrinkles. A good range will lead to new client referral.

4. Additional revenue stream

Creating a passive income stream through selling skincare means that your patients are bringing income into your practice whether you are there or not. Setting up a successful income stream via retailing needs a strategic plan and this is a team effort involving your team and the skincare supplier. Training is fundamental and you should not consider dispensing products until your staff are thoroughly trained. Remember, you are the experts.

5. “Prescription” skincare

Patients are not always aware of their need for proper active skincare. This presents an enormous untapped opportunity for you and your staff to become proactive, sales-savvy educators.

Take the time for a formal skin consultation as part of your patient’s treatment plan. Recommend the right product regimen for their specific concern. Educate patients on those ingredients specific to their skin concerns – for example, wrinkle reduction, pigmentation lightening or texture smoothing. Remember, you are not selling; you are helping and educating your patients to achieve the best results for their skin.

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