With the best financial solutions for medical professionals, ProLENDING fills a gap in the market.

Financing can be a difficult and often dreaded part of owning a business or starting a new venture. Banks can ultimately be restricting, and if you don’t fit the stringent guidelines, finding the time to search for the right loan is very challenging. Indeed, financing is not always a clean-cut case of one-size fits all. This is where ProLENDING comes in.

Designed to remove the stress and paperwork, whilst providing access to specialist products and rates, ProLENDING pride themselves on their unrivalled commitment to delivering a comprehensive range of services and fast, flexible solutions to financing. Whether it is the restructuring of your current finances, or if you are looking to add another property to your growing portfolio, ProLENDING can help.

ProLENDING understand the challenges faced by medical professionals and provide a range of financing and repayment options to suit your individual cash flow. They are dedicated to sourcing optimal finance arrangements for their clients and are involved every step of the way – from the conception of an idea to the planning and development.

Led by Ross and Mark Andrews, the experienced specialist finance group is established by a skilled team of Finance Consultants, Home Loan Specialists and Accountants. “From motor vehicles, goodwill, office and medical equipment, to fixtures and fittings, artwork, residential and commercial property, our priority is to ensure we can source the best finance for you,” says Ross Andrews.

But the best-kept secret is that ProLENDING can also offer very competitive investment returns. Clients can invest their SMSF or personal savings – generally from two to five years, with returns paid quarterly. The attractive investment rates available will make bank term deposits look so average that you might feel like putting your money under the mattress!

This part of the business is exclusively available to sophisticated investors and eligibility criteria apply. “Clients often write in to say thank you for helping them grow their investment savings faster and for offering such superior returns,” says Mark Andrews. “How many banks get thank you letters for their term deposits?”

With over 80 years of combined experience, ProLENDING offers a unique service, delivering tailored and customised solutions with ease and simplicity.

Call of the Wild – Dr Mark McGovern

From running a successful plastic surgery and cosmetic practice to advocating his philosophy behind anti-ageing and internal health, owning a 300-million-year-old rainforest and being president of the QLD Australian Sex Party, it can be hard to keep up
with Queensland plastic surgeon Dr Mark McGovern.

Leading one of the longest established plastic surgical practices on the Sunshine Coast, Vie Institute, Dr McGovern has been providing state-of-the-art plastic and reconstructive surgical expertise since 1994. With beautiful rooms overlooking the sparkling waters of the Maroochy River and the river mouth to Mudjumba Island, Dr McGovern and his highly experienced team perform a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures.

One of Dr McGovern’s key interests lies in the holistic approach to anti-ageing and wellness. Throughout history, humans have always dreamed of being able to cure ageing and diseases, looking for the discovery of a “fountain of youth”. There’s no doubt that in today’s world anti-ageing and internal health are integral buzzwords founded on extending life expectancy and modifying the ageing process. “Why die young?” questions Dr McGovern. “The evidence that it is possible to modulate the ageing process is now overwhelming.”

Dr McGovern is an active advocate of anti-ageing and internal health, and is a firm believer in regular exercise, a range of nutritional supplements and a sensible diet as a means of living healthier and better.

“Supplements can reliably slow or reverse mitochondrial dysfunction, DNA mutations, glycosylation of proteins, stem cell senescence, telomere shortening and other mechanisms of ageing. Bio-identical hormone replacement can restore youthful hormone balance.”

“This stuff is not taught in medical school, but the science is rock solid. The excellent non-profit Life Extension Foundation (www.lef.org) is the best place to start. Join up and they will educate you and provide state-of-the-art supplements,” he says.

Dr McGovern reveals that there are many keys to living better, and addressing as many as possible is optimal in order to achieve
internal health.

“The most important factors appear to be a Mediterranean diet, resistance exercise, a bunch of supplements and hormone replacement,” he says. “Personally, I take about 40 tablets a day, including the hormones DHEA and 7-ketoDHEA, plus a transdermal testosterone cream and low-dose (2IU x 5 days/week) Human Growth Hormone. Start out by joining LEF and buying the top 10 supplements listed on their website. Consider writing yourself a script for metformin, which is being trialled as an anti-ageing drug in the USA.”

It can be suggested that another key ingredient to anti-ageing and internal health is low stress and relaxation, and what better place to unwind than the Daintree Rainforest. Dr McGovern is a proud custodian of a 300 million year old Grade III Heritage listed rainforest. He shares this beautiful part of the world with others by providing a lovely holiday home overlooking the lush tropical rainforest and tumbling creek.

“Daintree Secrets is indeed my pride and joy, nestled under the highest mountain in the Reading-by-pool-landscapeDaintree with its own private and permanent stream, complete with waterfalls, rapids and swimming hole; its own hydro-electric power system; and a rustic 3-bedroom house perched over the stream which is holiday let.”

“We get up there several times a year, hiring a car from Cairns airport for the gorgeous two-hour drive. No mobile coverage and the deepest chill imaginable.”

His other interests and hobbies? “My partner Katherine and I are into food, wine, music, conversation and friends. We haven’t watched commercial television for 22 years.”

DSC02291“I am trying to bring Queensland into the 21st century through my presidency of the Queensland branch of the Australian Sex Party. Our current priorities are abortion law reform, clothing-optional beaches, ending lockout laws and other civil libertarian policies.”

Dr McGovern has recently started using ProLENDING to obtain a secure return. “My relationship with ProLENDING is embryonic, but we look set to loan them the cash balance of our super fund, which will earn about 7% Fixed with them, as opposed to a quarter of that from the bank.”

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