For Fast, Flexible and reliable Finance, ProLending offer unique and tailored solutions for professionals.

Growing your own business is never easy – you need the right tools, the right solutions and the right people in place in order to minimise unnecessary stress and financial worries. For professionals working in the medical industry, ProLENDING provides the foundation for you to grow your own business with fast and flexible financial solutions.

What sets ProLENDING apart from traditional banking institutions is their unique ability to individualise financial requests and allow you to think ‘outside the box’.

ProLENDING understands that business needs are never black and white, so they offer customised finance and potentially tax-effective solutions.

Whether it is commercial or personal passions – financing a new business, dream car or piece of artwork – ProLENDING offer a full range of finance products and services through a wide variety of lenders.

With over 80 years of combined experience, ProLENDING ensures the best outcomes for their clients, using their expertise to tailor solutions for unique circumstances.

Dr Rohit Kumar, Sydney plastic surgeon and head of Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary in Leichhardt, has been using ProLENDING to finance medical equipment and daily cash flow, which is essential when setting up a new practice or business venture.

“I started using ProLENDING because of my relationship with Ross Andrews [ProLENDING’s senior finance consultant], whom I met at a plastic surgery conference a while back. Ross works in really well with my own financial advising team; there’s just a really good sense of harmony and you know that he has your best interests at heart,” says Dr Kumar.

“With ProLENDING there is such a wide range of benefits over a traditional banking institution. Not only do you get results quickly and efficiently, with ease and simplicity, but there are no lengthy processes, red tape and restrictions. ProLENDING are always open for options and actually listen to you.” The highly experienced team at ProLENDING, led by Ross and Mark Andrews, prides itself on unparalleled customer service. “Our customer service standards are uncompromising, and the opportunity to assist with funding often comes to us through word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients,” says Mark Andrews.
For Dr Kumar, ProLENDING minimised the stress and worry that goes into growing a new practice and funding medical equipment.

“ProLENDING definitely took a load off my shoulders and minimised the stress and paperwork. It’s an easy way of financing – they understand the challenges you face and are there to help you work through it,” he says.

ProLENDING assist clients by determining the optimal loan structure and minimising unnecessary costs to ensure a successful outcome. “They’re very accommodating and the process of financing is so easy. I call Ross, explain what I need, he gives me a solution and usually within 24-48 hours everything is up and running. It really can be as simple as that. You don’t get this kind of service anywhere else. It’s truly unique, and it works,” says Dr Kumar.

“We were able to get the medical equipment for the practice very quickly, which is pivotal when you’re Dr Rohit Kumar with members of the Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary team opening a new practice. You can choose repayment options to suit your cash flow needs and the great thing is that you can wait until the equipment starts generating income. This flexibility of payment and the availability to adjust options as we go along allows a bit of breathing space,” says Dr Kumar.

Dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, ProLENDING assist both medical and non-medical professionals in growing their business and personal wealth, ensuring each transaction is optimally structured, priced and managed to achieve the best possible outcomes.

“I would absolutely recommend ProLENDING to my colleagues – for whatever their financing concerns or needs. They offer a reasonable, rapid approval process without the headaches. Ross is a pleasure to work with, as is his support team, and he is always welcoming of thoughts and ideas – whenever he comes up with a solution, he has the practitioner in mind. When you have a good relationship with somebody and they have your best interests at heart, it makes all the difference,” says Dr Kumar. AMP

For enquiries call Ross Andrews on 0488 767 722 or Mark Andrews on 0448 030 424 or visit

Practice Profile

Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary

The vision of Australian plastic surgeon Dr Rohit Kumar, Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary is the first practice of its type in Australia, combining all major cosmetic needs under one roof.
Situated in the inner west suburb of Leichhardt in Sydney, Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary has been described as being ‘ahead of the curve’.

The innovative practice provides cosmetic and plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, a day spa, and more, all in one space. This offers patients a more holistic approach to rejuvenation.

“What I thought was lacking in the market was a longer term, holistic lifestyle follow-up, particularly in the cosmetic industry. We like the concept of providing an all-encompassing service,” he says.

Along with plastic surgery, dentistry and the day spa element, Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary offers complementary services to patients in order to enhance their operative experience.

This includes hairstyling, expert bra sizing for breast surgery patients and access to an internationally regarded stylist to help transform their wardrobe.

Dr Kumar is a firm believer in providing as natural a look as possible for his patients, and he always aims to achieve this by using the most subtle and state of the art techniques as possible.

With beautiful well-appointed rooms, state of the art technology, a dynamic team of professionals and outstanding service, Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary provides a unique, personalised and comprehensive experience for patients.

Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary

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