ProLending changes its name to Medpro Finance, reflecting its transition from broker to specialist lender for medical professionals.

With ProLending’s name change to Medpro Finance comes an even more finely tuned financial services offering specifically for the medical community, providing tailored solutions to complement or as an alternative to traditional bank lending. Medpro is all about tailored, innovative, fast financial solutions – so you can keep doing what you do best.

‘We have refined our value proposition over the many years of servicing the medical sector and have transitioned from broker to lender to fill a niche in the highly specialised medical finance market,’ explains Natasha Breitman, the newly appointed General Manager of the Medpro Finance group. ‘Borrow, invest and refer are the three main pillars of the business. We help our clients borrow to grow their business and invest to increase their personal wealth. Where this means working with our clients’ trusted business partners, such as finance brokers and accountants, we reward these service providers for the business they refer. By developing excellent client relationships, we truly get to know you and your business, ensuring transactions that are optimally structured and managed.’

The Medpro team has now grown to 10 staff, including industry stalwart and founding partner Ross Andrews. Powered by directors and staff with long-standing experience and impeccable reputations in the financial services industry, the boutique finance company is helping more and more medical professionals to accelerate their wealth.


Medpro provides finance for:
• Buying businesses/becoming a shareholder in a business
• Helping with business growth
• Fitting out rooms and buying equipment
• Consolidating debt and managing tax bills
• Providing top-up funding alongside a bank loan
• Helping finance clients’ personal projects and passions

Benefits over the banks and other lenders

Through many years of helping doctors reach their goals, Ross saw the frustration his clients felt when they missed out on opportunities to buy businesses, properties or expand their practices because banks and affiliated lenders were too slow, inflexible, or required too much security. As finance specialists in the medical sector, Medpro Finance offers tailored finance solutions to quickly and easily capitalise on business opportunities that help fuel your success. And their innovative structures and bespoke solutions that offer the flexibility to refinance with the banks when the time is right, are amongst only a few available in the market.


Medpro Finance’s investment fund offers sophisticated investors the opportunity to earn a high rate of return for fixed terms of two to five years, subject to a minimum deposit of $100,000. The main characteristics of the investment are:
• Financially sound target market – the medical sector exhibits strong business longevity rates, income growth, low defaults and demographically driven growth;
• The Medpro Group has prudent lending practices, proven expertise in specialist credit and funding management and an excellent track record;
• Backed by strong, sustainable and diversified asset book of circa $100 million in loans and leases predominantly to medical professionals;
• Superior returns and comprehensive quarterly investor reporting. Income is paid quarterly, offering rates well in excess of fixed term bank deposits.

Ross loves hearing from investors who have enjoyed the benefits of strong quarterly returns of the Medpro Enhanced Yield Fund. ‘Many of our clients have worked hard to build up assets and savings, only to receive a poor return on their investment. By investing in the Fund clients have been able to accelerate their investment returns, and they gain further comfort from knowing that their investment is supporting the medical profession’s continued success.’


Many of Medpro’s clients have trusted advisers, such as accountants and finance brokers, who help clients achieve their business and personal goals. By helping these like-minded finance professionals connect their clients with superior finance solutions and investments, Medpro also helps clients and their advisers preserve one of their most valuable assets – time.
In addition, many of Medpro’s clients are happy to talk to prospective borrowers and investors to share their positive experience with Medpro Finance, helping new clients understand and benefit from Medpro’s non-traditional finance offering.

The same personlised service

ProLending has built a reputation for offering personalised, flexible and fast service, and Medpro Finance will continue to offer the same client centric approach. ‘Our personalised, fast and flexible service and ability to problem-solve continue to be the hallmarks of our offering. And now that we are not brokering deals through a bank, we no longer have to manage bank delays and frustrating processes that we had little influence over,’ says Ross. ‘We adopt the philosophy of the old-school bank manager who knew their client, actually met and spent time with them, at their premises, to understand the strengths, weaknesses and possibilities of their clients, and we become trusted finance partners for years to come’.

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Investment Q&A with Natasha Breitman General Manager

What is Medpro’s investment philosophy?

Our current senior debt funding lines provide approximately 85% of Medpro’s funding needs. To complement this institutional funding, private investors are offered the opportunity to invest with the Medpro Group. This is an investment in the medical profession, the business opportunities, aspirations and successes of our strong medical client base and their continued ability to generate an income to repay their obligations. This provides investors with a reliable, fixed rate of return, paid quarterly. We follow strong fiduciary and risk management practices, with external auditors and legal advisers helping us ensure that we run a sustainable and compliant business.

What benchmarks do you use? How do you ensure diversification in the portfolio of assets?

Within the medical industry, there is both diversity and strength. We lend Australia-wide, across all medical professions, as well as dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary and allied health. This spread provides strong diversity in an almost recession-proof industry.

How do you tailor investments for individual clients?

The Medpro Enhanced Yield Fund investment terms, rates and amounts are tailored to each client and their investment needs.

How can medical practitioners start investing?

Investments can start from $100k. Many invest through their SMSFs, which provides much higher returns than cash investments, much less hands-on management than property and strong, quarterly cashflow. The client must be a sophisticated investor and we recommend that investors seek advice from their financial adviser.

Medpro does not provide financial product advice and information provided in this article does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs.

You should consider this information having regard to those matters and obtain independent professional advice before you decide to purchase or vary a financial product.

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