Lice Clinics Australia offers clinics a unique business opportunity in its partnership with general practitioners and medical centres around the country.

Head lice affects more than 98% of kids in Australia. One company is combating this problem, and offering general practitioners and medical centres a chance to be part of this revolutionary new way to banish head lice.

Lice Clinics Australia is FDA approved and TGA registered and is currently in its launch phase for the Australian market. Based on the US model from company Larada Sciences, it works as a clinic-in-clinic model, whereby Lice Clinics Australia will certify and train staff to start administering treatment in the GP’s clinic.

“This model allows the GP to find another passive revenue outside of the traditional GP revenue of ‘open up and say ahh’”, says Managing Director of Lice Clinics Australia Michael Lawless. “The secondary benefit is that it has the potential to bring in new patients who may have a historical generational relationship with another GP, but now move to the new GP because they are an exclusive provider of Lice Clinics Australia treatments.”

“The GP will have an exclusive territory around his/her practice based on population size. The GP will secure these exclusive rights by investing in a 5-year licence, which is exceptionally cost-effective with a high return on investment, particularly when compared with other medical devices currently offered in Australia.”

Lice Clinics in practice

GPs introducing the Lice Clinics Australia business model into their practices will be bringing a never-before-seen approach and will be at the forefront of an emerging sector in the healthcare market.

Setting up Lice Clinics Australia in a practice is a straightforward process, involving a one-off deposit (GPs never actually own the head lice device).

Then the GP will nominate staff that will be trained and certified by Lice Clinics Australia to perform the treatment, which uses a non-invasive patented technology to dehydrate the lice and their eggs.

“The set-up is easy to roll out; it’s as simple as selecting an under-utilised room where the head lice treatment will be administered.

This is a great way to get idle space working for the practice. Lice Clinics Australia will provide all point of sale material for the practice such as counter patient brochures, window decals and pop-up banners,” says Lawless.

Keeping in mind that marketing in this area is not something a GP will have experience in, Lice Clinics Australia has appointed The Gaswerx team of experts to manage and develop marketing strategies. This includes social media, digital, print, radio and PR to create awareness for the treatments and its benefits to the end-user.

“We will also be targeting all local schools within exclusive territories. Schools need alternative treatment options that they can promote to parents other than the standard OTC pesticides, which have recently been proven to be ineffective,” says Lawless.

Recent clinical studies have proven that lice are now mutating into “super-lice” and have become resistant to Permethrin, the main ingredient in OTC treatments.

“In the US, Lice Clinics are fast becoming the go-to solution for treating head lice and not the last resort when everything else has failed. There are more than 250 clinics in 18 countries and this is growing rapidly.”

About the treatment

Lice Clinics Australia uses the revolutionary AirAllé device to treat all stages of lice, killing head lice and their eggs without using chemicals or pesticides.

The AirAllé device uses a combination of hot air delivered at a particular temperature for a specific amount of time. This takes 30 minutes and then a topical mousse is applied to pick up dead lice and eggs during the comb out.

“There are two treatment options to suit different budgets: the full service (signature treatment) which includes a comb out; and an express treatment where patients do the comb out at home,” says Lawless.

“The main objective of the business and what we promote will be the ‘one and done’ treatment guarantee. The average one-hour treatment is all that’s required and there is no need to repeat the process after 7 to 10 days, which traditional over the counter treatments require and with no guarantee of results,” says Lawless.

“The treatment kills head lice and 99.2% of their eggs in a single treatment. There is currently no other treatment on the market that approaches this level of overall effectiveness with one single treatment application. After the AirAllé treatment, the eradication of lice is guaranteed.”

“People were already unhappy using strong chemicals on their children and the laborious nature of application. For these products to be ineffective on top of this, I know there is a place for a our ‘one and done’ treatment that doesn’t force people to use pesticides or give up their precious time with repeat and messy applications of OTC treatments,” Lawless concludes.

Benefits offered by Lice Clinic Australia

•    Only supplier of AirAllé treatment devices in Australia
•    Trained professionals in lice treatments train your staff
•    Guaranteed treatments
•    Safe and hygienic way to eliminate lice
•    Scientifically proven to eliminate all stages of lice

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