Quanta System YouLaser MT & SheLase


The world’s first, gold standard fractional Dual CO2 (10600nm) and Erbium Glass (1540nm) laser, using Quanta System’s revolutionary Mixed TechnologyTM to allow singular, sequential or simultaneous wavelength emissions for skin rejuvenation, scar treatments and gynaecological care.

The advanced OptiScan scanner and unique OptiSim technology sets the YouLaser MT apart, making it one of the most sophisticated devices of its kind.

The combined emission of two wavelengths maximises the advantages of non-ablative and ablative fractional lasers in just one session, allowing aesthetic practitioners to achieve exceptional outcomes on a range of skin concerns with minimal downtime.

Indications include atrophic and hypertrophic scar revision, acne scar revision, enlarged pores, wrinkles and fine lines, skin tightening, dermatological surgery, as well as atrophy and laxity of the vaginal mucosa, vulvar rejuvenation and stress urinary incontinence (with Shelase upgrade).

Overcome the limitations of ablative and non-ablative lasers with Mixed TechnologyTM

No other device can combine in a single emission an ablative and non-ablative fractional wavelength. The YouLaser MT has overcome these limitations by combining CO2 ablative and GaAs non-ablative lasers. These two lasers can work separately or in an exclusive mixed modality, allowing practitioners ultimate treatment customisation to offer the best treatment for each patient.

The innovative Youlaser MT delivers 1540nm and 10600nm laser wavelengths coaxially in the same microdot with sequential or simultaneous emissions to achieve a tunable balance of ablative and non-ablative effects safely for patients.

The non-ablative 1540nm wavelength creates deep microchannels within the skin whilst the ablative CO2 wavelength removes microdot tissue. This technology utilises the benefits of both fractional lasers to change the surface of the skin as well as deep collagen fibres.

Combining the two laser wavelengths means a controllable balance of ablation and coagulation depth for new and more effective treatment standards.

The ability to mix these two lasers in different proportions allows practitioners to tailor treatment to the patient’s needs, achieving optimal coagulation with reduction on surface ablation for minimal downtime with exceptional results.

Shelase gynecological add-on

YouLaser MT can also be upgraded with the Shelase handpiece for vaginal mucosa atrophy and vulvar reshaping.

Shelase is Qanta’s unique treatment using mixed technology of the 1540nm and 10600nm wavelengths to stimulate the contraction of mucosa and production of new collagen, whilst supporting the internal hydration and balance with minimal downtime.

Shelase gently ablates the mucosa whilst the non-ablative laser penetrates deep into the tissue to tighten vaginal tissue walls in a very gentle way, with no bleeding and no recovery time. Thanks to the proprietary Mixed Technology,TM Shelase stimulates new collagen formation for restored vaginal elasticity whilst increasing hydration – all with minimal post-treatment complications.

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Quanta System YouLaser MT & SheLase

The world’s first, gold standard fractional Dual CO2 (10600nm) and Erbium Glass (1540nm) laser, using Quanta System’s revolutionary Mixed TechnologyTM to allow singular, sequential...
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