Selling direct to the Australian and New Zealand market, Lumenis is redefining the world of non-invasive energy-based healthcare, one innovation at a time.

With more than 50 years’ experience in the medical device industry and a strong sales presence in over 100 countries, Lumenis’ innovative approach to healthcare has made it a global leader in the surgical, ophthalmology and aesthetic medical device markets.

The company is an expert at developing and commercialising energy-based technologies such as laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and radiofrequency (RF), and currently holds more than 220 patents worldwide.

Lumenis has a range of medical aesthetic devices that support hair removal, body contouring and fat reduction, skin resurfacing, treatment of active acne, burns, scars, vascular conditions, skin revitalisation, skin tightening, cellulite reduction, leg veins, pigmented lesions and photorejuvenation.

Through its partnerships with over 1,000 professionals, Lumenis has created a portfolio of best-in-class products that deliver reliable results for practitioners and their patients. These ground-breaking products have rede ned medical treatments and set numerous technological and clinical gold standards. Lumenis has created solutions for previously untreatable conditions and has designed advanced technologies that have revolutionised existing treatment methods.

Personalised service and support

Whilst the latest technology is essential to the success of any practice, so too is reliable customer service and support. That’s why Lumenis has developed a Customer Care & Support System that begins with the rst conversation and will stay with you as your business grows.

Lumenis’ extensive Service Network is committed to providing high quality, comprehensive service for medical equipment repair and maintenance. Lumenis service provides you with peace of mind, so you can focus on patient care, rather than equipment maintenance.

Lumenis offers superior in-clinic hands-on education and training at the time of installation and continues to provide ongoing clinical support via in-clinic visits and through their new continued education programs.

Dedicated Account Managers maintain and nurture customer relationships and act as the key point of contact to ensure you get the most out of your Lumenis technology.

In this uncertain environment, Lumenis continues to lead the way with industry-first initiatives to further support their customers, such as The HUB. The HUB offers a virtual gateway to access expert on-demand education, allowing you to engage with leading aesthetic experts from across the globe. The platform is designed to help you expand your knowledge and solidify your place in the industry through access to virtual trainings, workshops, demonstrations and expert insight.

Lumenis Partnerzone offers exclusive access to a physician online portal. It is the ultimate marketing and resource centre to access dedicated technology materials such as patient brochures and posters, clinical protocols and parameters, as well as other materials to help grow your business and product knowledge.


For more information and a complete list of products:

P AUS 1800 586 364
NZ 0800 239 015



Legend Pro+ device

Lumenis Legend Pro+

Clinically proven RF thermal skin regeneration technology with dynamic muscle activation. From resurfacing of the upper layers of the skin and promoting the regeneration of...

Lumenis NuEra Tight

An all in one, head-to-toe body treatment solution. NuEra Tight is a game-changing solution for head-to-toe fat reduction, skin tightening, cellulite and wrinkle reduction. It...
PiQo4 device

Lumenis PiQo4

Pico + Nano for doubly effective pigment and tattoo removal. The PiQo4 by Lumenis is a skin rejuvenation, pigment and tattoo removal laser representing the...


Safer, more effective laser hair removal. SPLENDOR X sets a new standard for laser hair removal with its built-in plume evacuator and HEPA filter safety...
Stellar M22 on cart

Lumenis Stellar M22

4-in-1 multi-modality platform to treat multiple indications. Stellar M22 is an advanced and intelligent multi-modality skin rejuvenation platform. With high peak power, controlled shorter pulses...
Lumenis UltraPulse

Lumenis UltraPulse

The most powerful CO2 laser in aesthetic medicine. Stretching the limits of performance, UltraPulse can penetrate deeper than any aesthetic ablative CO2 laser. Combined with...
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