High Tech Medical

A pioneer of innovative treatments in Australia and New Zealand

High Tech Medical (formerly High Tech Laser) is one of Australia’s most respected independent medical equipment suppliers and has been a specialist provider of high-technology products since 1999.

High Tech Medical has been pivotal in introducing new technologies that have driven industry-wide adoption of minimally invasive treatments.

These branded treatments include Coolsculpting, Hydrafacial, the first fractional CO2 laser in Australia (Smartxide DOT), Ultherapy, Onda Coolwaves, SmartLipo, MonaLisa Touch and more.

The company focuses on equipment sourced from high-quality European and US manufacturers. These world-class manufacturers include Hydrafacial, iS Clinical Skincare, Deka, Black and Black Surgical, Adip’sculpt and Emcyte. Our product range includes clinical skincare products, instruments and equipment for non-surgical rejuvenation, fat and cellulite reduction, women’s health, vascular treatments, hair removal, pigmentation, acne scarring, wrinkle reduction, PRP, fat transfer, liposuction and surgical equipment.

Our customers include Australian and New Zealand practitioners such as plastic and cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic physicians, gynaecologists, urologists, dentists, other surgeons and general medical practitioners.

A reputation for knowledge, integrity and high-quality training

The company has a high level of experience in assisting clinics to make the best decisions when selecting complex technical products. Our culture and selection of team members support a selling process that is consultative and educates customers about the technical advantages of our products.

Our marketing and customer support team are available to assist clients with marketing strategies, sta training programs and ongoing education. A nationwide team of technical support sta delivers comprehensive after-sales service to ensure our client’s investment in our products is secure.

Matt Moncrieff, Managing director, High Tech Medical
Matt Moncrieff, Managing director, High Tech Medical

For more information and a complete list of products:

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