Total face approach – unlocking patient potential

Offer your patients a complete facial rejuvenation solution with Allergan’s Total Face Approach.

Offering your patients a clear and comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation is essential to achieving the best possible results. Balance and symmetry play a vital role in facial aesthetics, and often the correction of one facial flaw can cause others to be highlighted. With this in mind, Allergan have developed the Total Face Approach to ensure holistic, natural-looking results and in turn, achieve optimal patient satisfaction.

Sydney cosmetic physician Dr Catherine Porter has been using the Total Face Approach for the past five years and says that it is a crucial method in order to achieve natural results in facial rejuvenation. “It addresses all aspects of the ageing face and is a very systematic way of approaching facial treatments, which is great as far as treatment planning and the long-term journey for the patient,” she explains.

“In terms of results, I believe this approach leads to a very natural, proportionate look, so that the face looks good from all angles in a three-dimensional way. I am a firm believer that the more areas of the face you treat, especially with dermal fillers, the more natural the look becomes.”

According to Dr Porter, educating the patient and giving them a clear outline of the approach is essential. The Total Face Approach consultation plays a pivotal role in establishing the patient’s main concerns, as well as taking into account symmetry, congruence and overall facial harmony.

Dr Porter says building a relationship with the patient and educating them gradually about the treatment possibilities available to them is key. “My main tip is to really focus on patient education so they can understand the vision you have for their face and become engaged with the process,” she says.

“Firstly we assess facial shape. An oval or heart-shaped face is generally deemed to be more attractive, and dermal fillers and muscle relaxants can help achieve this,” says Dr Porter.

The next step is addressing the four main areas with respect to ageing. This includes skin quality (sun damage, discolouration, broken capillaries, texture), muscles of facial expression (pulling on the skin causing dynamic wrinkles), loss of facial volume (dermal thickness, loss of volume to the deep and superficial fat pads of the face, atrophy and remodelling of the facial bones), and loss of skin elasticity (laxity, wrinkles, folds).

“We look at this specifically for the upper, middle and lower third of the face. We discuss this with the patient and educate them as to the cause and effect of facial ageing and what therapeutic options are available to treat the signs of facial ageing,” says Dr Porter.

A combination approach

Using a step-by step system to facial rejuvenation, the Total Face Approach facilitates Allergan’s facial rejuvenation products, Botox and Juvederm.

Combining the Juvederm family of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers with Botox for wrinkle reduction, an individualised and all-encompassing approach can be easily achieved.

“The advantage of combining fillers and Botox is that the practitioner is able to address two facets of the ageing process – muscular pull on the skin, and volume loss. Relaxing the muscles also potentially prolongs the longevity of the filler,” says Dr Porter. “Just as repeated muscular action on the dermis starts to wear out collagen and elastin fibres, so too can it wear out the filler. We see this particularly in the frown and forehead area.”

Patient commitment

Due to the nature of non-surgical solutions, patient commitment is an essential factor in achieving the best result possible. Having a clearly outlined approach to facial rejuvenation will boost a patient’s trust and assist in achieving treatment-plan compliance.

With the Total Face Approach, treatments can be systematically planned, locking patients into a timeline that ensures regular returns to the practice. Optimal results are attained, and rapport and patient loyalty are ensured.

“Patient commitment comes from engagement in the education process and the recognition of these aspects of facial ageing in the patient’s own face. As the patient understands more about why they are seeing changes in their appearance, the more they are on board with how to improve it,” says Dr Porter.

“Obviously most patients are not going to get everything done on the first visit. A treatment plan is drawn up, prioritising what should be undertaken first, taking into account the patient’s budget and his/her work and social schedule. Ideally we would schedule the first three visits, over a 3-6 month period, and then work on a 6-12 monthly maintenance program,” says Dr Porter.

The Total Face Approach is extremely valuable as it helps prevent the over-treatment of a certain area, and forces the practitioner to look at the face as a whole. Even when it’s not used for full facial rejuvenation, the Total Face Approach is important in achieving a balanced, aesthetic result.

“This method ensures a balanced aesthetic result, because all areas of facial ageing are assessed and treated. With this approach we are not focusing on one particular area, but looking at the face in a three-dimensional holistic fashion, so we avoid disharmony,” says Dr Porter.

Although long-term the difference is incredible, the subtlety of the Total Face Approach means the changes are psychologically less daunting for the patient.

“Feedback from patients is overwhelmingly positive. The most common comment we hear is that patients are told they look well post treatment or people comment that they look like they have been on holidays,” says Dr Porter.

“People notice the difference, but they can’t put their finger on what it is that is different. To me, this means we have created a fresh and natural look. Long term we can maintain this look with yearly filler maintenance and Botox three times per year.”

Allergan’s resources, offering educational tools, photos and graphics to boost patient education and understanding, enable patients to achieve optimal facial rejuvenation results at their own pace and budget.

“I find Allergan to be an extremely professional and supportive company to work with. Their main standout is their commitment to high-level education for their customers,” says Dr Porter.

Allergan’s Total Face Approach provides a comprehensive and superior treatment plan for both restoration and prevention. Long-term planning and building a relationship with your patient translates to long-term patient loyalty to your practice.

“I would recommend Allergan’s Total Face Approach to both patients and my colleagues, because it achieves balanced, natural-looking results.”

“For my colleagues, it also maximises revenue in a non-threatening way for patients, enables long-term treatment planning that promotes client loyalty, and encourages patient engagement on a long-term cosmetic journey,” concludes Dr Porter.

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